Minutes of CLIC meetings
in 2005:

Review of the ILC Workshop, KEK, Nov. 13-15,
with summaries of the working groups
D. Schulte, E. Chiaveri
14-Jan-2005 Coherent Synchrotron Radiation and Touschek Scattering in the CLIC Damping Ring
Beam Emittances and Damping Time Measurements at ATF Damping Ring
F. Zimmermann, M. Korostelev
The Small Isochronous Ring project at Michigan State University,
Electrostatic Storage Devices at MPI-K
A. Rodriguez,
C. Welsch
11-Feb-2005 Report from the CLIC collaboration meeting G. Geschonke
18-Feb-2005 BINP Experience in Wiggler Development E. Levichev,  Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (Novosibirsk)
25-Feb-2005 Summary of the MDI/ATF2 workshop at SLAC A. De Roeck
Decision CELP Speech Coding using Squared and Perceptual Error R. Fandos
11-Mar-2005 Summary of the WIGGLE 2005 workshop at Frascati M. Korostelev, D. Schulte, F. Zimmermann, H. Braun
Review of CLIC activities 2004 I. Wilson
12-Apr-2005 special CLIC parameter meeting
ILC Beam Delivery and ATF2 A. Seryi  / SLAC
09-May-2005 Evacuation of SR power from CLIC damping ring
Dynamic Aperture of the CLIC Damping Ring

K. Zolotarev / BINP
P. Piminov / BINP
27-May-2005 Emittance Reduction using Variable Field Dipoles in Electron Storage Rings Y. Papaphilippou, ESRF Grenoble
Precision  Phase Measurement and Feedback for CLIC D. Schulte, J. Sladen
10-Jun-2005 Recent Investigations of TS-MME for the CLIC Project G. Arnau Izquierdo, P. Costa Pinto, S. Pérouse de Montclos, T. Ramsvik, S. Sgobba
17-Jun-2005 Luminosity Tuning Bumps in the CLIC Main Linac P. Eliasson, D. Schulte
24-Jun-2005 Pressure Distribution Calculations for CLIC Accelerating Structures
Report from RF'05 workshop, Kalamata, June 13-17

P. Costa Pinto, E. Jensen, A. Grudiev
08-Jul-2005 CLIC PETS up-to-date status I. Syratchev
Review of ILC-Snowmass workshop J-P. Delahaye, D. Schulte, L. Tavian, H. Braun, V. Parma, J. Gillies, J-L. Baldy
16-Sep-2005 Progress with Damping Ring Wiggler Design
CLIC Accelerating Structure Testing at SLAC

E. Levitchev, P. Vobly; S. Döbert, A. Rodriguez, W. Wuensch
21-Sep-2005 CLIC parameter meeting F. Tecker, W. Wuensch
23-Sep-2005 Stabilization Studies at LAPP / Annecy B. Bolzon, N. Geffroy
07-Oct-2005 Status of GdfidL W. Bruns
28-Oct-2005 Photo Injectors G. Suberlucq
CLIC parameter meeting
W. Wuensch, D. Schulte, A. Grudiev
18-Nov-2005 Highlights from Nanobeam'05 F. Zimmermann
28-Nov-2005 Status and Plans of the US-Multi TeV Linear Collider Collaboration
Status and Plans for Active High Power RF Switching

R. Ruth / SLAC, S. Tantawi / SLAC
30 GHz rf components for CTF3 A. Grudiev, I. Syratchev
09-Dec-2005 Plans for EUROTeV Beam Instrumentation R&D
L. Soby
16-Dec-2005 CLIC Polarized Positron Source Based on Laser Compton Scattering
F. Zimmermann

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