Minutes of CLIC meetings
in 2007:

Results from recent 30 GHz and X-band Accelerating Structure Tests Steffen Döbert, Alberto Rodriguez, Gonzalo Arnau Izquierdo
12-Jan-2007 ILC Activities at JINR and Proposals of ILC Siting in the Dubna Region Grigori Shirkov (JINR)
19-Jan-2007 CLIC Parameters Update Jean-Pierre Delahaye
26-Jan-2007 DC breakdown behavior in vacuum of various metallic electrodes Trond Ramsvik
Status of Faktor2, a Code to Simulate Electron Cloud Buildup Warner Bruns
EUROTeV/TPMON: First Beam Tests Alexandra Andersson
09-Mar-2007 ATF and ATF2 news Rogelio Tomás
16-Mar-2007 Profile Measurements at CTF3: Past, Present and Future Carsten Welsch
Breakdown studies
Sergio Calatroni
30-Mar-2007 CTF3 Photoinjector Laser Status
Massimo Petrarca
A High Brightness X-Band Photoinjector Concept and Related Technological Challenges Massimo Ferrario / INFN-LNF
27-Apr-2007 Short-range wakefields
Riccardo Zannaro
Main Linac Design and Alignment
Daniel Schulte
11-May-2007 Status Report of CLIC Fatigue Studies and Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing Samuli Heikkinen
01-Jun-2007 Status of the CLEX Test Beam Line (TBL) S.Doebert, I.Syratchev, F.Toral, E.Adli
Electron cloud effects in CLIC damping ring Giovanni Rumolo,
Warner Bruns
08-Jun-2007 Two Beam Module Design Germana Riddone
Status of the CTF3 Combiner Ring Commissioning
Peter Urschütz
Review of CLIC Structure Workshop, CLIC Advisory Committee Meeting, and CLIC collaboration Board Meeting Walter Wuensch, Jean-Pierre Delahaye, Günther Geschonke
20-Jul-2007 Impact of new CLIC parameters on bunch compressors and turn around loops
Summary of POSIPOL 07 workshop

Frank Stulle/PSI,
Louis Rinolfi
17-Aug-2007 Alignment of the CLIC Beam Delivery System Maxim Korostelev
24-Aug-2007 Main Results of the Test of the 30CNSD1P2CU Structure
First Results on RF- Breakdown Measurements
Positive Ion Current -  Hot Coulomb Explosions?

Alberto Rodriguez
Jan Kovermann
Magnus Johnson, Uppsala University
CLIC related Proposals to EU FP7 Program Erk Jensen, Walter Wuensch, Daniel Schulte and Hans Braun
Sheet Beam Klystrons for X-band
Molecular dynamics simulations of surface damage
George Caryotakis / CPI
Kai Nordlund / University of Helsinki
21-Sep-2007 CLIC Beam Delivery System: New beam parameters and optics Rogelio Tomas Garcia

Recent Achievements in the Dynamic Alignment of the CLIC BDS

Andrea Latina and Daniel Schulte
DC spark experiments for CLIC :
Test of New Materials, Heat Treatments and Breakdown Rate Measurements
Antoine Descoeudres
09-Nov-2007 Performances and new Features of the PLACET Simulation Code Andrea Latina
16-Nov-2007 Design of the Beam Delivery System for the International Linear Collider Andrei Seryi  / SLAC
30-Nov-2007 Optics and Beam Dynamics for the Long Transfer Line of the CLIC Drive Beam Bernard Jeanneret
Beam Dynamic Studies for the CLIC Decelerator Erik Adli

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