Minutes of CLIC meetings
in 2006:

Summary of ILC-GDE Frascati meeting D. Schulte, J-L. Baldy
27-Jan-2006 Investigations of DC Breakdown Fields T. Ramsvik
High-gradient Test Results of the 30 GHz Mo-Iris Structure
The New RF and High-speed Acquisition Systems for High-Gradient Tests

A. Rodriguez,
R. Fandos, S. Doebert
10-Feb-2006 Results from CTF3 Beam Operation and Commissioning in 2005 R. Corsini, S. Döbert, C. Welsch
17-Feb-2006 Status of the Fatigue Studies of the CLIC Accelerating Structures S. Calatroni,
S. Heikkinen
24-Feb-2006 Beam Dynamic Issues at the CTF3 Linac and Delay Loop
Some Results on CTF3 Beam Instrumentation
P. Urschütz,
03-Mar-2006 Review of CLIC activities 2005 I. Wilson
10-Mar-2006 Status of 30GHz Beam Phase Measurement System A. Andersson, J. Sladen
17-Mar-2006 Halo  Studies for CLIC L. Neukermans
28-Mar-2006 CLIC Parameter Away-Day

13-Apr-2006 The Scaling of the Traveling-Wave RF Breakdown Limit W. Wuensch
27-Apr-2006 Update of CLIC organisation J.P.Delahaye,  H.Braun , R.Corsini, D.Schulte, G.Geschonke, W.Wuensch
A study on Production of Bimetallic Raw Materials for the CLIC Accelerating Structures,  Status Report G. Arnau Izquierdo
19-May-2006 Tracking with Collimator Wake-Fields through the CLIC BDS G.Rumolo, A.Latina
Results of last CTF3 run
R.Corsini, F.Tecker, S.Doebert
09-Jun-2006 Non-linear Optimization of the CLIC BDS
R. Tomás
16-Jun-2006 First conceptual design of a post-collision beam line for CLIC A. Ferrari
23-Jun-2006 The PHIN Photoinjector for the CTF3 Drive Beam
R. Losito, G. Hirst
30-Jun-2006 30 GHz accelerating structures results
A. Rodriguez, G. Arnau Izquierdo, W. Wuensch
Igor Syratchev
28-Jul-2006 Optics Design and Performance of an Ultra-Low Emittance Damping Ring for the CLIC Maxim Korostelev
25-Aug-2006 News from the Linear Collider Physics Group in PH Department Dieter Schlatter
3 GHz and 30 GHz Conditioning Programs Alexey Dubrovskiy
15-Sep-2006 Highlights of LINAC'06 Conference
Summary of Experimental Results for the Cu HDS60 Structure

Günther Geschonke, Steffen Döbert, Alberto Rodriguez
22-Sep-2006 The CLIC Active-Prealignment Studies Hélène Mainaud-Durand
29-Sep-2006 The E166 Experiment - Polarized Positrons for the ILC Jan Kovermann  /  RWTH Aachen
Status of the CLIC Bunch Compressor work at PSI Frank Stulle / PSI
13-Oct-2006 New Mathematical Modelling of Ultra-Relativistic Charge Prof. Robin Tucker / Lancaster University and Cockroft Institute
13-Oct-2006 Double way interface between HFSS and ANSYS Grzegorz Zelek /
Cracow University of Technology  and TS-MME
20-Oct-2006 Kicker Systems for CTF3 & CLIC Mike Barnes /  AB-BT
Update on Beam Based Alignment methods for the CLIC Main Linac Andrea Latina
17-Nov-2006 CLIC tunnel layout
Carlo Wyss
CLIC Tuning Bump Strategies Peder Eliasson
18-Dec-2006 Status of the Precision Beam Position Monitor (PBPM) for EUROTeV
Status of the Wall Current Monitor (WCM) design for EUROTeV

Ivan Podadera Aliseda, Alessandro D'Elia

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